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Melissa De Los Santos

Join me by subscribing to my Mighty Network Dream Healing Membership.

Melissa De Los Santos

I'm creating a dream interpretation and holistic education membership

Join me by subscribing to my Mighty Network Dream Healing Membership.

About Me

Hello! I'm Melissa De Los Santos (Meli) and I am the creator of The Dreaming Yogi (TM).  I am a dream interpreter, astrologer and holistic healer who helps people find the hidden messages in their dreams and use that information to find the best healing modality for their unique needs. 

Why You Should Join Me

In this membership we will first dive into techniques to sleep better and remember you dreams. We will continue to explore dream work and how to interpret your dreams.  Each month we will gather in a virtual setting for a New or Full moon ceremony and have group dream interpretations.  If you are curious about dreams, crystals, tarot, chakras, oils and more then this is the membership for you.  

Membership includes:

*Group Dream Interpretations

*Access to all my holistic courses (starting with dream healing)

*Monthly Moon Ceremonies


*Free access to "The Dreaming Yogi Community" that includes its own set of holistic workshops, weekly card pulls and more

Check out my other courses and programs at www.thedreamingyogi.org/online-courses or email me at thedreamingyogi@gmail.com

A Big Thanks

Thank you to my dream healing community, past course students and current members for trusting me with your dreams! 

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